“I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me.”

– Psalm 118:13

The circumstances of life have a way of bullying us, intimidating us and tormenting us into a position or posture of feeling victimized and overwhelmed. Reading the bible intently has helped me to discover that I am not alone when I find myself in those moments of life feeling pushed back and pressed up against the wall. In fact, I have come to take solace in knowing and understanding that it is in those places where I discover the intimate imminent person, power and presence of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, to aid, help and support me in having the courage, confidence and inner strength to stand firm and push back against what’s pressing me.

In the face of loss, misfortune and injustice, I learn to trust God and believe He is with me to help me and bless me no matter what the circumstances. I am learning to spread my concerns before Him in prayer with assurance and confidence He will answer me. Consistent reflection upon His word and His past deeds, reminds me and reinforces to me His concern and care for me as one He loves. God is my greatest resource to deal with life’s challenges and supplies me with everything I need to live and experience the full life Christ came for me to have!

It’s time to push back in the Spirit with prayer, praise and resolute proclamation of what you believe, by faith, instead of continuing to be pushed back by life’s troubles. From the sanctuary of His throne God declares Himself as One who brings forth life from death¬†and calls things that are not as they ought to be. Allow your soul to become aroused with His Spirit and His word to grant you the spiritual fortitude and internal resolve required to begin to push back against what has sought to overwhelm you and prevail against you. Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior and recognition of His death and shed blood for the redemption of your soul from sin will give you unlimited power and strength to begin to push back against addiction, debt, sexual sin, rejection, sickness, rage, distress, depression and the whole host of challenges we face in this life!

I pray God will strengthen you and empower you to begin to push back!

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