“But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.” – Nehemiah 4:9

How do you normally respond when you to come to the place known as dissatisfaction? Faith in Christ is teaching me that there are one of 2 courses to take. One would be to take action to address the dissatisfaction and find responsible means to best remedy the situation or circumstance that brought about the feelings of dissatisfaction. The second course of action would simply be to do nothing about it and wallow in it and allow the normal temporal feeling to grow into a disposition of being disenfranchised, disgruntled, cynnical or ungrateful.

Learning to take a sincere assessment of why I am feeling and thinking about being dissatisfied is enabling me and empowering me to recognize when appropriate actions need to be taken to change my disposition from a place of dissatisfaction to a posture of contentment. As I mature in my faith walk with Christ I discover the need to make a sincere assessment of where I am in life and how I arrived there and what I am willing to do to better my situation. Learning to engage with God through prayer about how I’m feeling and what I am thinking about helps me in allowing Him to work in me both to will and to act (to want to do and follow through) according to what His will is for me in my circumstances to experience the full life Christ came for me to have.

Sometimes overcoming dissatisfaction first begins with accepting what the current conditions of my circumstances are before I can begin to take action. If I am stuck in frustration over what my state currently is, how can I effectively make reasonable, responsible decisions about making progress, moving forward and looking ahead? Acceptance brings me to the place called contentment and it is in that place where I can begin to think about the fulfillment I desire from a posture of expectancy to help me overcome my dissatisfaction. Take action first with prayer! I believe the first blessing of sincere prayer is peace of mind and a soul at rest.

May God illuminate the eyes of your mind and fill your heart with His peace to enlighten you and help you to take action to experience contentment and fulfillment from your current place of dissatisfaction.

  1. brujsims says:

    Reblogged this on Using God's Word in Everyday Life and commented:
    Our negative thoughts often prevent us from proceeding with a constructive effort to resolve the dissatisfaction that we go through. Our first response is to talk to the Lord in prayer. Tell Him the frustrations you have and listen intently to what He says in reply. You might be surprised about what God has to say for it will open your mind beyond your perception of the current situation.


    • myimmanuel says:

      I agree and appreciate your reply to the post. Thank you for your visit, view, like, share, and follow. My faith journey has helped me to see and encounter the very thing you describe in your comment and fills me with assurance and confidence of His love for me.

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