“This is my gospel, for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained.”

– 2 Timothy 2:8b-9

A recent bible study with my mother and sister reviewing the circumstances surrounding the life of Joseph revealed he ended up in a place the bible described as being confined (in prison). The story of Joseph begins in the bible in the book of Genesis chapter 37. The level of favor and blessing Joseph received in his life as a child of his father Jacob, along with the inspired vision he received from God in his dreams, led Joseph to encounter hatred, hostility, rejection, isolation and betrayal from his brothers. This led to Joseph being put in a pit (though his brothers plotted to murder him), and sold into slavery. Eventually, Joseph ends up in prison unjustly where we find him described as being confined.

I am learning that when we reflect upon the LORD’s promise to bless us, we never consider, as was in the case of Joseph’s life, that hardship, difficulty, calamity, misfortune, loss, grief and injustice will be part of the process of God blessing us. Reviewing Joseph’s life in scripture, however, fortifies my assurance and growing confidence in God to be with me as He was with Jospeh and help me to prosper and succeed, as Joseph did, even when I am in circumstances that make me feel limited, restricted and confined as Joseph was in prison. Through everything that Joseph encountered that led to him being confined, what could not be contained, restricted or confined was the fulfillment of the favor and blessing God divinely ordained for Joseph to walk in by the authority of His command and the anointing of His Spirit at work in and through the life of Joseph!

God’s word is not chained! Despite the reality of the worries, pleasures and riches of this world that tempt me, taunt me and torment me when confined by them, God’s word is not chained by them. I may be in debt, but God’s word is unchained! I may be distressed, but God’s word is unchained! I may be discontent right now, but God’s word is unchained! When the unchained word of God is released in my soul and I believe God and trust He is with me to help me and bless me, nothing and no one can confine me! The Apostle Paul was imprisoned and intensely persecuted for most of his apostolic ministry, but his passion for ministering faith in Christ unchained him to continue to be a vessel of blessing in the lives of others despite the reality of his confined state (i.e. 2 Timothy 2:8b-9).

Be unchained through faith in Christ!


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