“Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring.” – Romans 4:16a

It is through the revelation of scripture God makes known to us His plan to make use of those who trust Him and acknowledge His Son Jesus Christ to help make this world a better place. For the past 3 years God’s promise to Abraham has meant more to me personally and a phone conversation had with a dear colleague and friend last night reinforced the value of believing myself to be an heir of the promise of Abraham. 3 years ago I was led to collaborate aspirations of establishing a non-profit program to help youth with my friend and colleague and I enlisted myself to help her make progress in getting her program, Community Tutoring,Inc.,  moving forward. The summer of 2010 I worked within her program all summer for free believing God had moved me to support her in establishing her program to help close the achievement gap for african-american children through tutoring in math, reading and writing. Dream it, Believe it, Do it is her slogan. I believed intensely in our connection as children of faith, her mission and passion in serving the greater community of Prince George’s County Public Schools by empowering african-american youth through education, working for free was an act of faith believing God will bless what He initiated through us to come together to fulfill the promise of being a blessing to others and making the world around us a better place. Our prayer was for the program to become established as a viable program to benefit the youth of our community of Prince George’s County.

3 years later she has since received funding to establish her summer program, Summit Summer Camp. She has a staff of 4 employees to help her serve now Prince George’s and Dorchester County with a vision to expand to a year round program. She left the field of education, by faith, to trust God and follow Him as an heir of the promise. She has received support from Maryland University’s graduate program to receive graduate staff employees to serve in her summer program that offers technology engineering and support from NASA through another professional colleague. The second year after we started up the summer program she received support from a local church who allowed her program to operate out of their church house/school center in return for tutorial service for the children of their congregation. I am in awe of God fulfilling the promise of Abraham and I rejoice in watching Him perform His deeds to bless my friend and colleague, make her a blessing to others and make the world around her a better place!

The promise of Abraham comes by faith and grace, because it is accomplished by the One who brings life from death and calls things that are not as they ought to be! Like Abraham, all I have to do is believe what God says and follow what He requires of me to make use of me to bless me, be a blessing to others and make the world around me a better place. Faith in Christ allows me to be blessed with the intimate presence, person and power of God through His Holy Spirit living in me to work through me to be a light to the world!

May God arouse within you the passion to believe and follow through to take action in being used by Him to be blessed to bless others and affect positive change! Be the change you want to see!

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