“The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” – Judges 6:12

What excites me about the promise of Abraham is its accessibility to any and everyone who receives the promise. No matter what state I find myself in at the time I receive and accept God’s promise to Abraham I become an heir. No matter how far away I may feel from God, I become an heir and experience His intimacy the moment I embrace the promise. No matter my status in life, my value or worth in the eyes of others, the moment I believe the promise of Abraham is mine too, God accepts me, embraces me and expresses to me my significance in Him through Christ. No matter how difficult my circumstances, or dark the moment, when I embrace and believe I am a beneficiary of God’s promise to Abraham that’s when the process of change begins.

Romans 4:16-21 indicates that the promise comes by faith and provides an illustration of who God is and Abraham’s response to the promise in light of the reality of his circumstances. Abraham faced the fact that his circumstances suggested that he would not be a good candidate for what God promised He would do for Abraham, but the bible declares that against all hope in hope Abraham believed and was strengthened in his faith being persuaded God had the power to do what He promised. Abraham’s circusmtances, according to scripture, suggested he and his wife were beyond the possibility of bearing children and there was no possibility of life coming from them. But, Abraham believed God; described as the One who gives life from death and calls those things that are not as they ought to be. The One who makes all things beautiful in His time brought life from within them because with Him all things are possible!

Gideon also discovered the One who calls those things that are not as they ought to be. Gideon felt he was the least likely to be significant, capable or influential in his circumstances to affect positive change, but he desired it. When he and God encountered each other in the scripture in the book of Judges chapter 6, Gideon described himself as the least in his family whom he regarded as the weakest of the clans in the 12 tribes of Israel. In the sight of his circumstances and the reality of the world around him, Gideon did not see how his person and presence had any significance in being able to make a difference. yet when the angel of the LORD visited Gideon, He declared Gideon to be a mighty warrior. The one who saw himself as the least of his family was seen by God as a mighty warrior! One encounter with God will change the disposition and direction of anyone who sincerely seeks change and allows the One who gives life to make use of them to bless them, be a blessing to others and make the world around them a better place.

May the God who gives life and speaks with power to transform declare from the throne of His sanctuary power, peace, joy, love and wisdom to you that will bless you, inspire you to bless others and influence you to affect positive change in the world around you to make it better.


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