“In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” – Psalm 5:3 NIV

Durning our evening bible study with my mom Tuesday evening, a reflection on the book of Psalms, we reviewed Psalm 6 and noticed a shift in the theme, tone and mood from Psalms 4 and 5. We both felt that the tone or mood of Psalm 6 was an expression of anxiety and distress in comparison to Psalms 4 and 5 that felt more representative of a tone or mood of joy. In all 3 Psalms we see a consistent expression of assuarnce and confidence in God from David, but the mood shifts. Just like these Psalms and David’s disposition from Psalms 4-5 to Psalm 6 our mood shifts from day to day, moment to moment and from circumstance to circumstance. What does not change is David’s boldness to make known to God what He desires and expects from God being direct and specific about his needs and who he understands God to be despite his circumstances.

Discussing Psalm 6 with my mom began to excite me the more we talked, because I began to reflect on how David’s interaction with God in prayer and conversation was motivating me to consider how I can grow in my prayer life and faith walk with God. Despite mentioning being faint, in agony, in anguish of soul, worn out, weak and sorrowful, David declares God hears him and accepts his prayer. In Psalm 6:8 David speaks to his circumstances with boldness despite expressing intense anxiety of emotions from internal and external circumstances. I see this as assertive faith. Though things may not be currently as I would prefer them to be, I will begin to declare with boldness and assertiveness my expectation for change. David does not resign to believing he is without hope. From Psalm 4-6 David’s consistent refrain is that God will hear him and answer him. I got excited, because I expressed to my mom that David was teaching me through these Psalms that even though momentarily I may have a shift in my mood, due to my circumstances, I can pray like David with an assertive faith and speak words of empowerment and encouragement to myself that will change my disposition even if my circusmtances don’t change at the moment. My external circumstances may not be changing, but the atmosphere of my soul is as I pray with boldness with an assertive faith.

At the conclusion of the bible study the thought came to me about how consistent are we in prayer with expectancy that God hears us and will answer us? I am learning my assurance in God and confidence in Him grows as I challenge myself to believe Him to act despite the condition of my current circumstances. Do my prayers sound like I have confidence in God to hear me and respond? Life has taught me I can struggle with prayer and at times feel so inhibited that I choose not to pray, but how consistent am I with expectancy God hears me and will answer my prayers? My reflection upon Psalm 6 and looking intently into David’s intimate prayer life with God encourages and challenges me to continue to seek God and grow in my prayer life expecting God to hear and respond.

May God strengthen you in your faith walk and prayer life and help you grow in assurance and confidence in Him to hear you when you pray and respond to bless you and cause you to prosper even in the face of misfortune, loss and injustice.

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