“The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life- only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.” – John 10:18 NIV

The resolute boldness displayed by Jesus and depicted in Luke’s gospel is illuminated for us through Jesus’ dialogue with His disciples in the gospel of John. During the past 3 years my mother, sister and I were engaged in a bible study bi-monthly centered around the theme Believing God for a Better Quality of Life. Part of that bible study involved lessons of the subject of surrender of which this verse was the inspiration behind the theme. It is my belief the Jesus who was resolute in going to Jerusalem in Luke’s gospel is due to the bold declaration we hear coming from Him in John’s gospel. Within the words Jesus articulates in John 10:18 I hear humility, assurance and confidence. I also learned from this verse a pattern of life not commonly talked about that attributed to a lot of people encountering God in miraculous ways within the scriptures and in the lives of others I have been privileged to encounter as this message was illuminated to me through study. The specific theme of our bible study related to the principle of surrender was titled Victory through the Principles of Surrender.

Surrender, or humility, is heard through the voice of Jesus in His expression of His willingness to lay His life down for His Father. Understanding the path He would take and everything He would face on His way to, in Jerusalem and at Calvary to fulfill His destiny as the Son of God, Jesus did it willingly. Assurance is heard in Jesus’ expression of the understanding of His affirmation in being loved by His Father. Because I am loved by my Father I obey His command and follow what is required of me as His Son to fulfill my destiny according to His plan for my life. Jesus speaks with confidence about the command and authority He has received from His Father’s love to lay down and take His life up. Humility and assurance of his Father’s love for Him allowed Jesus to live a surrendered life and confidence in His Father’s command allowed Jesus to operate in the authority of living victoriously to rise again! Willingness to live in obedience to the Father’s command allowed Jesus to operate in the authority of His Father’s love and command to live victoriuosly, even in a surrendered state.

The surrendered life is a life that endures, perseveres, overcomes, prevails against and eventually rises above whatever seeks to overwhlem us or weigh us down or oppress us. The surrendered life is a life fully dependent on the love of God in Christ Jesus experiencing the supernatural supply of God’s power provided through His word and by His Spirit. The surrendered life positions us to encounter the ever-present omnipotent Creator in an intimate, personal way that fortifies our faith and enriches our lives with His goodness, love and joy in a way we could only encounter through surrender. The value of the surrendered life is the authority it gives us to live no matter what the circusmtances because we know the Father loves us and He will raise us up from our posture of surrender because the Son He raised now lives in us!

May God inspire you to adhere to His counsel, respond to His call and live by the example of His Son so you can encounter Him in ways not known and strengthen your resolve, fortitude and faith.

  1. altruistico says:

    Very well stated. A great post.


    • myimmanuel says:

      Thank you and God bless! Your comments are appreciated and I pray God will continue to enrich and inspire you through His word.


      • altruistico says:

        You are quite welcome and thank you for seeking God’s blessing upon me. He has, so many times, enriched my life, brought me through trials and personal tribulations. An awesome God we serve. May the Blessings of God our Father be with you and yours always. May Christ Jesus guide you, protect you and bring you great joy, happiness and peace.


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