“So he left them and went away once more and prayed the third time, saying the same thing.” – Matthew 26:44 NIV

I have enjoyed this recent reflection upon the scriptures that started with Psalms 4-6 and concludes today with this insightful look at the Savior in his most frail and bold state. The internal energy and enthusiasm stimulated by this reflection alone was worth the time invested in posting these thoughts inspired from the Master. I am equally excited about the journey ahead for me with optimism for inspired words to come, what better way to conclude this current series than with this intimate look at Jesus and how He models for us boldness and assertive faith in the face of great trial and tribulation. What I have learned most from the time I have reflected upon Jesus’ struggle in the garden of Gethsemane was the simplicity of His repetition in praying the same prayer until He received the breakthrough needed to move forward and fulfill His destiny.

This is significant to me, because in my early years during my faith walk with God there were some that suggested that praying more than once about a particular concern did not demonstrate faith in God. The moment I discovered this passage in Matthew 26, I could rest in the peace of God that continuous prayer regarding a particular matter is not the concern of God as much as He is concerned about the one who is currently praying to Him. How encouraging it is and comforting to see my Savior laboring in prayer, wrestling with His emotions, feelings and thoughts about doing what God required of Him in being the source of salvation for everyone. How inspired I am to see my Savior actually consider for a moment whether He really wanted to follow through with what was required of Him, being fully human, so I could understand that He understands me when I feel the same way. How grateful I am and appreciative I am to see Him model for me how to cope with and overcome great moments of temptation and trial with prayer and boldness and then follow through to die for me in spite what was still to come.

3 times in the garden Jesus prays the same prayer to God regarding His circumstances. What is also notable about Matthew 26 and the garden of Gethsemane is the manner in which Jesus reveals to Peter, James and John how He is feeling so close to the reality of impending calamity and torture. Overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death is how Jesus describes to those He confided in, which to me sounds like He feels like He’s depressed and wants to die because of the internal weight of His struggle and the measure of suffering He has yet to encounter. Simply, how encouraging it is to see that I should not feel like I am wrong for how I feel when I’m struggling with life, depressed or overwhelmed, because my Savior felt that way too! His bold repetitive prayer models for me how to handle those moments. I say bold, because He was willing to admit He had reservations about what He agreed to do for the Father, even to the point of suggesting the possibility of another way to go about fulfilling His destiny. Jesus, David and Hannah has taught me to get it all out to God in prayer. God’s immediate response will be relief, peace and rest for my soul. David lived a bold life, Hannah birthed the first prophet to the nation of Israel and Jesus saved all who believe!

May God empower you to pray bold repetitive prayers when necessary to help you receive your breakthrough, replenishment and strength to keep moving forward and looking ahead to where God is leading you towards your destiny of fulfillment and blessing.


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