Posted: March 6, 2012 in Books, Christianity, Education, Family, History, Life, News, Parenting, Quotes

“The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with a friend. Then Moses said, ‘Now show me your glory.'”

– Exodus 33:11a, 18 NIV

I am convinced, after 19 years, that it is God’s desire for us to experience Him while we live on earth before we get to heaven in an intimate, real way. I believe it is His desire for us to encounter Him as those who walked by faith in the scriptures did. As was mentioned in this verse posted, Jesus speaks about the disciples being called His friends as Moses was described in his faith relationship with God. If God is the same today, yesterday and forever, then He is friends with me too. The bible teaches that, by faith, Jesus resides within me through the person of the Holy Spirit. God cannot get any closer to me than that. How much more then would it make sense for me to encounter Him in a deep meaningful way, as a friend, to make a significant difference in my life and in the lives of those I come into contact with? How much more then would I be able to affect positive change to make the wolrd around me a better place? All this and more will be possible if I believe.

What prompted Moses to demand to God to show him His glory? After all Moses walked and talked with God and saw God perform great miracles. I am learning and I am convinced that the more I encounter Him the more I desire of Him. The more I experience the encounter, the more God uses me for His glory. And from this discourse you will learn by reading Exodus 33 that God was willing to reveal more to Moses because they were friends. The bible teaches that God’s eyes range to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of and strengthen the hearts of those who believe. God is looking to reveal, manifest and make Himself known to each one of us and everyone who believes.

Moses did not enter the promised land, but no one who walked the earth encountered the intimacy Moses encountered with God. Moses may not have experienced all the riches and material goods earth could offer, but he experienced a full, vibrant faith walk with God that changed the lives of 2 million people. God created us to live with purpose, to be valuable and significant which is why we are called salt and light as Christians. Our true value, significance and worth does not come just by being called a Christian, going to church, or from reading my bible (though they are significant). The true measure of my worth as a Christian begins as I encounter God and allow that encounter to transform me to affect positive change. This is why the bible teaches that faith without works is dead. I do not have to earn salvation by works, but by faith in Christ the result of my faith should be works that result in God being glorified in and through me.

May God help you and bless you to be bold to position yourself and demonstrate the proper posture that will allow you to see Him at work in and through you to deepen your faith walk and make you strong to live for Him victoriously.


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