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“See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.”

– Isaiah 42:9 NIV

Whether you are new to Christ recently or you have been walking with Him for a while does it resonate within you that God is whispering into your soul something new He desires to do in you, through you and around you? When you read and reflect upon His word have you encountered that moment when a particular passage of scripture captures your being as if God is speaking to you at that moment? I am convinced that the life Christ came for us to have and have it to the full is accessible to us every day as we interact with God through prayer and invest ourselves sincerely in His word to discover more about Him and allow Him to reveal to us what His plans are for us according to His word. The thought of stepping through and into the new has been resonating within me lately and today’s scripture reference affirms the reality of God expressing to those who look to Him the proclamation of the new awakening. What is exciting to me about this passage is that God declares that before He accomplishes the new awakening He will personally announce it to me first!

I always felt when I listened to sermons and speeches preached by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that I felt compelled to do something because his words inspired me. Have I read something in God’s word that inspires me to do what it says or apply the principle behind what is written? God wants to be my friend and talk with me face to face as He talked with Moses. This face to face relationship is available to me through prayer and when I spend quality time with God through His word, because reading His word is like being with Him face to face. God wants to make an intimate personal announcement to us about a new awakening He intends to accomplish within, through us and through His use of us that He invites us to become aware of before He does it. “The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.” – Psalm 25:14 NIV What I love about spending quality time with God’s word is the confirmation He provides that affirms His promises and prompts me to take hold of them that they may manifest a new awakening within me to experience the fulfillment of His word in my life. Psalm 25:14 reiterates the intent of God to raise the status of the faith relationship to that of a friend being identified as One who confides in and reveals things to those who seek Him sincerely. If He confides then that means everyone is not privileged to hear or receive what He declares and makes known.

Do you sense the new awakening resonating within you? Is there a passage of scripture that you cling to believing God for the fulfillment of that promise or principle associated with His word? Jesus said my sheep know my voice. Have you heard His still small voice whisper the inspired word in your soul that reverberates the echo of something new getting ready to unfold before you? Step through into the new awakening God is announcing to you. Take hold of His promises and the principles of scripture that invite you to encounter the new awakening announced in His word. Believe and watch His glory be revealed to you according to His word!

May God bless you and help you take hold of His principles and His promises to encounter the new awakening.

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