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“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.”

– Philippians 3:13b NIV

My time invested as a summer camp counselor for over 10 years had prepared me for the unexpected entry into the Prince George’s County Public Schools’ system as a full-time sub. Though I had tried to achieve my goal of becoming a published author of children’s books receiving an offer from a self-publishing company, I thought to myself I did not have the resources accessible to me to make this dream a reality. If I only knew then, what I know now! Part of the significance of my coming to Christ is the awakening of my soul to the resources He has positioned in my life around me to help me take hold of what He has instilled within me to accomplish for His glory! As Hannah continued to hope for her child and Martha for the restored life of her brother, my hope to become a distinguished, published author never died. It just became buried under the reality of so much that was about to take place, I now realize, I needed more than what I possessed to make this passion come to pass. The influence of 2 school administrators led me to applying for a full-time position as an art teacher and giving my life to Christ in the Spring of 1993, 2 years after entering the school system as a full-time sub in the winter of 1991. A full 3 years after graduating from college I was now following what I now see as the path God had chosen for me, even before I knew Him in Christ.

It was God saying to me through those administartors where He wanted me to go and what He wanted me to do with my life in surrender to Him that has afforded me the privileged encounter I share with Him now. By 1996, I married, but unfortunately we separated and divorced by 2006. I am, however, the proud parent of two children, one now 11 and the second soon to be 10 by the end of March. Coming to Christ in 1993 led to me serving as an usher and singing in the men’s choir. I discovered gifts of teaching and the call to ministry and the office of pastor since 1993. Also during this time, I grew in my knowledge and understanding of scripture through participating in the men’s ministry of my church. My growth in Christ, my work in Men’s Ministry facilitating bible studies and growing passion for reading the bible greatly influenced my role as an educator in the classroom and as a school community leader. I received prompting from God to establish an after-school bible study and for over 1o years led bible studies on the middle school and high school level in the respective schools I served in. By the inspiration and prompting of God, I left the classroom for 9 years from 2001-2010 to serve in the Office of Peer Mediation that changed my life dramatically in my faith walk with Christ.

Through Peer Mediation, I was allowed to work with students to teach them how to help their peers resolve their conflicts amicablly without the threat or use of violence. Unknown to me was the great door of effective work that opened for me to share my faith and the compassion of Christ that awakened me to a deeper, more intimate and personal knowledge of Him that enriched me and helped me to discover things about myself and Christ I had never known previously as I worked with hurting youth and young adults. Through working with so many middle and high school students, I could begin to see the good God worked together for me from the sexual abuse that occured during my childhood and helped me to identify with and respond with compassion to so many children in need of comfort and encouragement. My significance, self-worth, self-esteem and the self-fulfillment in being who I am in Christ was magnified greatly, but who I became as a husband was greatly diminished in contrast that contributed to the downfall of my marriage to my wife. Personally and professionally I could see the impact of Christ’s salvation the day I stepped through my past into Christ back in 1993.

May God help you and bless you to step through your past, your failures and your disappointments and walk with certainty, expectancy and confidence towards the better day and brighter tomorrow.

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