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“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed. Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead-since he was about a hundred years old-and that Sarah’s womb was also dead.”

– Romans 4:18a, 19 NIV

This verse reveals 3 things to me to fight against, dispel and overcome the feelings associated with disillusionment. Faith, hope and acceptance is what I see when I read this depiction of Abraham from the perspective of scripture. Against all hope, Abraham hoped anyway. Despite what his circumstances was suggesting to him, Abraham held tight to hope’s inspiration and clung to God’s promise he would receive the fulfillment God announced to him no matter how long it had been or how much things had changed since God initially spoke. The bible said year after year Hannah was provoked by her rival Peninnah, but Hannah remained hopeful she would conceive and experience the desires of her heart in being a mother. It was the strength and passion of her desire the fueled her hope and prompted her to stand up in her circumstances and take her grieving soul to God still filled with hope despite the external/internal challenges she faced and the years that passed that suggested maybe she should give up hope. In hope, Abraham believed. No matter how dark the moment or difficult it was getting to maintain a posture of faithfulness, Abraham remained steady in his heart believing God would fulfill what He promised and perform what He spoke.

Abraham did not discredit the reality of his current condition accepting he was beyond accomplishing, in his own strength, what God was planning to accomplish and promising to fulfill. In accepting the reality of what he was facing, Abraham concluded and resolved it would take God to accomplish what He promised, because I am insufficient in myself to do this on my own. Abraham humbled himself to the will of God, accepting God’s promise understanding God alone would be the One who would be able to make what He promised come to pass. When Martha came to Jesus after Lazarus died and declared, even now, I believe God will give you anything you ask for, she was submitting herself fully to Jesus’ Lordship, the authority of His Name and the anointing of His Spirit. Martha was believing, in hope, that despite the fact my brother went from sickness to death, his condition is still within the realm of God’s power to restore him! Faith, hope and acceptance are spiritual gifts God has endowed in all those who believe to invoke the authority and anointing of Jesus Christ within them to bless and help them and others! Allow the authority of God’s word and the anointing of His Holy Spirit to arouse within you hope believing in Him to fulfill His promises and perform what He speaks to make you and others around you better through the blessings of His goodness, kindness and greatness. Despite what your current conditions may be suggesting to you, or what others may be saying that is trying to press you to give up hope, accept that whatever you are hoping for God to do for you requires Him and remain hopeful, faithful and prayerful until God reveals His glory!

May God help you and bless you to experience the breakthrough from disillusionment to keep you progressing, hoping, believing, praying and walking by faith!


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