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“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

– Matthew 13:44 NIV

During the Christian journey, one of the greatest challenges of the spiritual sojourn from earth to glory is maintaining a heavenly perspective with regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Equally challenging is the necessity of maintaining a balanced understanding of principles like success, wealth, prosperity and ambition with the context of scripture instead of being fully indoctrinated with the world’s concept and views as a Christian. This would, then, help me to understand better why the bible teaches the principle of being renewed in the attitude of our minds to better position ourselves to channel our ambitions from a heavenly perspective and not remain on the earthly realm as we sojourn from earth to glory. For example, how often do we reflect sincerely and seriously about the fact that the bible teaches that earth is not our home as Christians? This would then bring clarity to why Jesus talked about not storing up for ourselves treasure on earth, but store up treasure in heaven. Meaning, do not be so consumed with achieving, striving and attaining so much on earth, that you forget about My mandate to invest in the kingdom lifestyle awaiting you when I return to take you to the place I went to prepare for you.

The parable of the hidden treasure illuminated my mind’s eye to the reality of the cost associated with embracing faith in Christ that the bible clearly teaches about that may get lost in the ambitious pursuit of success, prosperity and wealth. The man illustrated in the parable of the hidden treasure made a discovery that greatly altered his prior lifestyle before the discovery was made. He valued the discovery of the hidden treasure (kingdom of God) to the degree that he was willing to alter his lifestyle to accommodate the value of the discovery associated with the hidden treasure. Whatever his life consisted of before the discovery, he was willing to deny himself of it in order to gain what he believed the outcome would be in investing in the field and the hidden treasure he discovered in the field. There was a joy associated with the discovery of the hidden treasure that he did not have in his previous life that aroused within him the desire to part ways with his former life and make an investment in the new life associated with the field and the hidden treasure. The field represents untold possibilities, the anticipation of future experiences believed to be of more value and substance than what had been previously experienced in the life prior to the discovery of the hidden treasure. The hidden treasure (kingdom of God) is the unseen life of Jesus Christ manifested in and through the life of the believer.

For the duration of our sojourn from earth to glory, we are being challenged to make the sacrifice daily of denying ourselves and taking up the cross of Christ and live in a manner worthy of the gospel by following His example. It is a life invested in advancing the kingdom of God from our hearts to others. It is a life that considers others along the way as we strive to achieve, succeed and prosper. It is a life that convicts us to invest ourselves in a personal, intimate relationship with God through prayer, bible reading, meditation and application and inspires us to share it with others. It is a life that commands us and makes demands for us to defend the helpless, care for others in need, stand firm against injustice and openly oppose those who oppose the cross of Christ, because this is what Jesus did for us. As I sojourn with Christ, my mind inquires whether my life consistently reflects the man who discovered the hidden treasure and with joy invested his life in it. Don’t let the cares of this world, pleasures and the deceitfulness of riches choke out the hidden treasure of Christ in your heart and prevent you from maturing in your faith walk and being a fruitful member of God’s kingdom while you are on earth so you may store up for yourself treasure in heaven.

May God bless you and help you to discover the hidden treasure of the kingdom of God and work in you and through you to help you grow, mature and become a fruitful member of His kingdom to advance it on earth and help you store up for yourself treasure in heaven.

  1. Emil Fuents says:

    In a spiritual reality, nothing can be lost and therefore, nothing can be taken, but while we perceive this physical reality, the idea of losing when you give or gaining when you take, are inbred into the worlds thinking..

    My own online site


    • myimmanuel says:

      I am not sure I understand your comment in relation to the content/context of the blog. Please expound/explain. Consider then Jesus’ parables on the subject of something lost and found and His statements regarding the necessity of losing one’s life for His sake and one who chooses to save his life will lose it. In a spiritual reality if nothing is truly lost then what becomes of one’s soul should they choose not to receive the gift of eternal life through faith in Christ from the perspective of Christ’s teachings in scripture? Thank you for visiting myImmanuel! Your feedback is appreciated. I would like to understand better what you are expressing.


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