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‘To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.’

– Colossians 1:29 NIV

Have you ever looked back over a difficult season of your life where it was dark and difficult and later felt there was a benefit to the season you just transitioned out of despite how you were feeling while you were going through it? I had this encounter recently as I peered back over the past 9 years since 2005-2006 when I officially separated and divorced. Though I regret the circumstances that led to the experience of being separated and divorced, I do not live in regret. Though there was a period of great remorse, guilt, shame, and sense of unworthiness to God, I no longer reside under the great cloud of condemnation that came with that season of my life. I abide in the shelter of the Most High in the shadow of the Almighty!

It was during that time I resolved I wanted to get to a better place. I was inspired to start journaling and began to declare ‘new seasons’ despite the condition of my current circumstances. One of those seasons was called the ‘season of empowerment and fulfillment.’ I have since arrived to what I would call the ‘better’ place I desired so many years ago. The season of empowerment and fulfillment was about adopting the mindset that would equip, enable and empower me to get to the better place I desired in my heart. There were two biblical characters that were inspirational to fueling me with the energy I would need to allow the Holy Spirit to move me from what was to where I desired to be. The woman with the issue of blood and the encounter the Apostle Peter had with Christ when he steeped out of the boat on the sea of Galilee remained with me as I sought to sojourn with God to the place called ‘better.’

Coming out of that season I have understood: 1) God was with me, 2) never gave up on me, and 3) helped me to get to where I am currently in my faith walk with Him! I learned about His grace, favor, and compassion He has for those He loves to provide, protect, and preserve them. I can relate to the woman with the issue of blood who had invested all she had in seeking to get well and, yet, in all she did things got worse. Her faith in God inspired her to resolve within herself that a closer proximity to Jesus would heal her of her infirmity! Walking by faith is teaching me that there is an intimate, personal proximity to God, through faith in Christ, that allows us to encounter the miraculous and experience the impossible. Empowerment is about allowing God to work in me and through me in the way He desires for me to experience the fulfillment of what He declares in His word.

May God bless you and help you to encounter His grace and favor in a manner that empowers you to experience the fulfillment of what He declares in His word that allows you to experience the fullness of life Christ came for us to have.


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