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“‘Lord if it’s you,’ Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.'”

– Matthew 14:28 NIV

On my way to the place called ‘better’ my season of empowerment and fulfillment transitioned into the season of ‘progress, success and prosperity.’ For the woman with the issue of blood to get from the place where she spent all she had for a condition that got worse to where her faith made her whole, she had to be willing to move towards the place she believed would get her to something she envisioned as better. Her faith made her sojourn despite her condition and, though it may have been difficult, she persevered. Faced with the obstacle of the crowd pressed against Jesus, the external and internal forces that could have easily deterred and dissuaded her from progressing towards the ‘better’ place, she pressed through, pushed forward and persevered beyond the reality of what opposed her until she broke through to the proximity of the miraculous and the impossible!

In contrast, Peter was in the place called ‘comfort,’ ‘security,’ and although the storm surrounding him and the disciples made them feel they were facing the threat of death, logic would say they were in the ‘better’ place inside the boat. All of a sudden, Peter is compelled to desire to be out on the water, in the midst of the storm (a place called ‘uncertainty’) in closer proximity to Jesus than to remain in the ‘comfort zone’ of life. Walking by faith challenges me to find my security in my proximity to Jesus instead of trusting in the element of my surroundings externally. Faith challenges me to take the risk of stepping out into the unknown, being willing to dwell in the realm of what is ‘unfamiliar’, ‘on ‘unstable’ ground, and be at rest in the world of ‘uncertainty’ believing my close proximity to Jesus is better and will bring me into something greater, better and new!

The ‘season of progress, success, and prosperity’ taught me to embrace uncertainty, dark days, and difficult moments as a means to transition from what was to the places in God that represent something greater, better, and new! Like Peter, I had to be willing to step out of the comfort, security, and ease of what was familiar and be willing to move with God, through faith in Christ, towards what He declares as the ‘new thing’ He announces He will do for those who believe! Faith compels me to declare, as God does, that what is not, will be, and what is dead will be made alive!

May God bless you and help you to declare new seasons and learn to take the necessary steps of faith that will bring you into the new things God announces in His word to do for us to experience the fullness of life Christ came for us to have.


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