‘Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.’

– Psalm 103:3-4

Beyond your initial salvation encounter, when you first came to Christ, have you lived long enough to ‘see’ why Christ died for you?

Another way to put it, have you come to that place where you had fallen so far from grace and saw God lift up your head with merciful hands of compassion, and it deepened, strengthened your emotional connection to what Christ did for you on the cross?

Have you lived long enough, walking by faith, where you’ve been a front row witness to God working everything together for good, on your behalf, when you were the one responsible (or made choices that contributed to) for things going wrong?

Have you progressed, persevered beyond, endured, pressed forward, and pushed through oppositional forces long enough to see God roll away the stone right at the moment you felt you couldn’t go any further?

What about feeling like you were in circumstances that, from all appearances would be considered dead, and saw God speak light, life, and hope in, through, and around you in a way that brought forth life and made something that was not into something greater, better, and new?

What about seeing God be good to you when you know you were undeserving?

Were you ever encumbered with emotional chains and weighed down with pain from the past, doubt, insecurities, unbelief, depressions, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, suffered injustices, anger, bitterness, frustration, or resentment and, yet, God still broke through the clouds and made the light of His countenance shine brightly upon you?

How about being entrenched in a habit, or sin, that mastered you and made you a slave long enough that you cannot ever remember what it felt like to be free and God touched you, spoke with compassion by His Spirit and said to you, ‘Your faith has healed you. Go and sin no more.’

Maybe you have not seen any real, significant changes to the reality of the condition of your external circumstances, but you see God walking with you, intimately present with you keeping you uplifted, encouraged, and motivated to hold onto hope despite everything around you saying give up?

Rejoice in His mercy!

May God bless you and help you to be strong in Him and in the power of His might as you move toward the ‘better’ place and the fullness Christ came for you to have.


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