‘This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool.”‘

– Isaiah 66:1a NIV

What have you seen God do for you that would make you say He’s great?

Can you testify to someone about what God has done for you that would describe His greatness to someone else?

While you are transitioning from what was into what will be, can you recall the last great thing He did to help you endure, persevere, and keep the faith?

Despite the reality of the condition of your current circumstances, even though it may be some time now since you can recall encountering anything ‘good,’ do you still see God as great?

Have you walked by faith long enough to see God do exceeding, abundantly above anything you could think, imagine, or ask?

Have you walked with Him intimately to witness His power at work in you to accomplish something great?

Have you encountered the miraculous, the impossible, seen God heal, deliver, transform, bring forth life from death, call into your life something that was not?

How about experiencing God lift up your head from depression, sorrow, sadness, grief, rescue you from injustice, hardship, adversity, or comfort you in times of misfortune, loss, and mourning?

Ever been forgiven by Him? I mean understanding you really messed up and watched Him turn it around, work it together for good, bless you in the process, and helped you overcome your shame, guilt, and sense of feeling invaluable to Him?

What about the times He made ends meet when you had NOTHING?

Has He ever provided you company, companionship when you felt isolated, ostracized?

Remember that time His word came to you at that critical moment that made the difference in getting you from where you were to where you are now?

What about the breakthrough that transitioned you into something greater, better, and new?

Had the privilege of traveling this great earth and being a witness to the wonder, splendor, and majesty of His glory displayed in Creation?

Has God ever used you to be a blessing to someone else?

How about the moment you looked back over your life and wondered how you got through and actually felt like what was incredibly difficult to go through was worth it in the end?

Ever been inspired, had a good cry, or laughed so hard it hurt lately?

Enemies ever been made your footstool?

God ever silence those who have spoken against you unjustly?

Have you learned to lay down your life for someone or witnessed someone lay theirs down for you?

May God bless you and help you to encounter His greatness in its various forms so you may experience the fullness of life Christ came for us to have.


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