‘When he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts.’

– Acts 11:23 NIV

What have you seen God do that you would categorize as amazing?

Walking by faith is teaching me to appreciate more the internal, redemptive, regenerative work of God’s Spirit that touches, changes, and transforms me, than seeking for God to do something external to validate His deity as God to me.

What I love about Acts 11:23 is the simplicity by which the encounter with God described was validated by an intimate, personal experience from what was seen as the evidence of God’s grace at work in that place and space in time. This encourages me and reassures me that God and the evidence of God is something to be encountered and He leaves evidence for those who seek sincerely to experience Him in the manner He chooses to reveal Himself and make Himself known.

The encounter with God’s grace promoted joy and inspiration that led to the admonishment to remain devoted to the Lord with one’s whole heart.

Have you ever had an encounter with God that moved you to inspire others to remain faithful to the Lord?

Ever been overwhelmed with joy because of God’s grace?

What is it about God that makes Him amazing to you?

Sometimes the reality of the condition of our current circumstances may begin to diminish, in our eyes, what is amazing about God and His grace, but then God does something, either in us, or around us that causes us to encounter His amazingness in a manner illustrated in Acts 11:23 that restores our joy and inspires us to encourage others. Yet, the reality of the condition of our current circumstances may, relatively, still be the same. Amazing!

May God bless you and help you to encounter His grace in a manner that invokes joy, inspiration, and provoke you to encourage others!

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