‘Who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.’

– 1 Timothy 6:5b NIV


So this summer I am seeking to promote my first published book while also beginning the process of creating the manuscript to my 2nd. On myImmanuel I am beginning a new series involving the theme ‘sacred lifestyle.’  Exciting time, because I currently feel writing has created its own momentum now and I am trying to keep up with it.

Sacred Lifestyle is an inspired look at what I understand living the Christian lifestyle entails in contrast to the myriad of depictions of what is presented before me daily that influences, tempts, and arouses within me desires that contradict the principle of ‘denying self, taking up my cross, and following Jesus.’

One thing I have learned in the time I have sought to walk by faith is the consistent effort to read, reflect, and share the inspired word of God helps me to keep my mind stayed on Christ and live in a manner worthy of the gospel and walk worthy in my calling to be Christ-like. Not always easy, but not impossible either.

Today, while organizing notes for my new manuscript, I was able to create the Table of Contents (excited) and researched the scripture references related to the text from 1 Timothy 6 on the subject of money. I have always been inspired, by the grace of God’s word, to share it with others, so this is not about preaching, or dictating to others how one should live, as much as it is about sharing what is written to allow others to decide for themselves what their response should be from what they have received.

As I reflected on today’s scripture reference from 1 Timothy 6:5, the thought came to me, ‘Godliness is not a means for financial gain.‘ Written plainly for us to see from the perspective of scripture, but how often have we been influenced to think, or it has been suggested to us that righteous living results in financial prosperity? From this reflection I have pondered whether some believe faith in Christ guarantees financial prosperity? I neither discourage nor promote the supposition, but leave the verses for each to decide on their own.

I sincerely invite my followers, visitors, and bible readers/enthusiasts to join me in dialogue about this subject of the sacred lifestyle associated with God and money, or any other posts that inspire a desire to engage in dialogue.

What I do promote is the necessity to read and understand for one’s self what to believe, allowing the Holy Spirit to illuminate the word of God and not rely solely on what any one person says or believes alone. I believe God will provide revelation, clarity, wisdom, and appropriate application for the sincere seeker whose heart desires to understand what is written from His Holy words.

May God bless you and help you to grow in the grace and truth of Christ so you may experience the fullness of life Christ came for us to have.

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