“Two things I ask of you, Lorddo not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’ Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.” 

– Proverbs 30:7-9 NIV

Since faith in Christ involves an intimate, personal relationship with God, this post is more about what I understand about what’s written in the Scriptures and I invite any who desire to share their thoughts about what’s written in this post, or their perspective of what they understand about faith & money.

Inspired from my recollection of the show hosted by Robin Leach, along with my recent success in publishing my first book and launching my business, this post is a continuation of talks and reflections I have had on the subject of faith and money.

What was seen as entertainment growing up, much like Entertainment Tonight, the television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and contemporary shows like MTV Cribs help me to see as an adult the danger, deception, and temptations associated with allowing the love of money, pursuit of wealth, and the ambition for excess to permeate my thinking as a follower of Christ.

Today’s post is inspired from reflections from Psalm 1:1, Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.’

According to Psalm 1 I am blessed if my lifestyle distinguishes me apart from the wicked, sinners, and mockers. When you read Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5:1-12, being blessed, according to Christ, involves exemplifying the person of Jesus Christ, or personifying Christ’s actions, attributes, character, and conduct. God blesses both the righteous and unrighteous with material wealth and possessions and the Apostle John admonished the importance of soul prosperity along with external prosperity in 3 John 1:2. Yes I am blessed if I receive financial prosperity from God, but am I not blessed without it?

To be continued

May the LORD bless us and help us to align our hearts and minds consistently and continually with the perspective of the Scripture regarding money so we can live victoriously and unencumbered from the world’s view and inspire others by the light of His counsel!


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