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‘Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.’ – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV

My sincere appreciation and gratitude is being shared with every individual who has taken the time to stop, read, and respond to my writings posted on social media. You are appreciated! Your actions fuel me to continue my journey of becoming a distinguished author. My experience with writing began at an early age having a poem published in the school newspaper as an elementary school student. I remember the content being about the brisk weather of Spring and pausing from the moment’s activities in the imagination of my mind’s writing to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Upon surrendering my life to Christ, at age 24, the passion for writing transitioned from poetry and the free writing experience developed in college to writing poems inspired from scriptures in the Bible. Ultimately, being inspired by His grace, my poetry writing, along with journaling, led to the desire to write devotionals that culminated in the publication of Out of the Darkness: A Journey into the Marvelous Light (Feb 2014).

My experience with blogging actually came about as a means to cope with having to transition back into the classroom after having worked outside of the classroom in a different capacity for 10 years. It was a difficult transition and the blogging experience helped to redirect my thinking and focus on my passion instead of my problems. It was a constructive, positive, productive means by which I could channel my frustration, disillusionment, discouraging feelings towards something positive and productive in continuing to share the grace of our LORD to inspire others as His word inspired me. I soon discovered, a year after I started blogging (2012), my disdain over returning to classroom had waned and had been replaced with a ‘new’ focus of purpose and passion as an educator, aspiring author, and aspiring entrepreneur.

In closing, I would encourage anyone who has a passion, purpose, vision, or mission, to write it down, journal, and be determined to follow through to accomplish your goals and dreams. Success and fulfillment, for me, has not come from wealth, acclaim, or fame, but from the hard work of completing what I’ve started and continuing the journey towards the goal of experiencing the greater, better, new I believe God desires to manifest in, through, and around me as I go in the way He has chosen for me to take.

May God bless you and help you to write down the vision, make it plain, and walk by faith towards it equipping, enabling, and empowering you to step into what He has promised, planned, and purposed for you to do, in Jesus name, amen.


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